About Us

The City Centre Food Co-operative is dedicated to addressing and bringing awareness to food insecurity and food access issues in the core neighbourhoods of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.

Our History

Following the closure of the Shop Easy in the City Park neighbourhood of Saskatoon, a small but dedicated group of citizens came together to discuss issues of food access and food security in Saskatoon’s downtown. It was from these meetings that the City Centre Food Co-Operative (CCFC) was formed. The CFFC is a not-for-profit, volunteer-run organization committed to addressing issues of food access and food security through community collaboration, advocacy, and a pop-up fresh food market in Saskatoon’s city centre.

Board Members

  • Bethany Flegel
  • Kehan Fu
  • Maia Herriot
  • Savannah Holt
  • Megan Kuznitsoff
  • Mika Rathwell
  • Mark Wilson
  • Silvia Wong
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