Food Guide

City Centre Food Access Guide

The City Centre Food Access Guide is a free resource that aims to improve food accessibility in Saskatoon’s core neighbourhoods while bringing awareness to issues of food insecurity and the lived experience of people in our communities. The guide contains the following content:

  • A map of places to access fresh food in Saskatoon’s city centre
  • Testimonials
  • Conversations on important food issues
  • Simple recipes
  • Art from community members

Food Guide Map

We wanted to make the City Centre Food Access Guide‘s map more accessible and useful for the communities we serve by turning it into its own stand-alone resource. The Food Guide Map features locations and community organizations in Saskatoon’s city centre neighbourhoods where fresh food, shelf-stable items, produce, and/or meals are available. If you’re interested in requesting this free resource for your organization, please contact us at:


Printing of the City Centre Food Access Guide and Food Guide Map pamphlet were made possible thanks to funding and support from:

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